Lakeside Asphalt sells its mix to many local paving companies that use it for their own paving jobs. These customers, known as “FOB” (Freight on Board) customers, arrive at our plant daily for our hot mix asphalt for both large and small quantities.

  • Private paving companies trust Lakeside Asphalt for their mix because:
    • Lakeside Asphalt’s mix is consistently of the highest quality.
    • Lakeside Asphalt offers a variety of different mixes to include Base, Intermediate and Surface mixes.
    • Lakeside Asphalt’s consistent level of communication.
    • Lakeside Asphalt’s attentiveness to client needs and problem resolution.

The bottom line for Lakeside Asphalt is its customers. Lakeside Asphalt customers get the consistency they need to stay competitive and bring their own jobs in on time. With Lakeside Asphalts quality control, and testing procedures they know they’re laying down quality asphalt for their customers.

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